EnviroLa/c -  Intercoat launches the lowest free formaldehyde 2 pack system to date.


REACH legislation that comes into effect from 2020 will determine which products can still be used in coatings for wooden furniture. Top of the list is the control of free formaldehyde, the potential carcinogen which governs the present way finishing shops have to be run, in order to comply with Health and Safety Law.   

Intercoat have now tackled that problem face on for its Customers and produced the lowest free formaldehyde product on the market. Termed the EnviroLa/c system, it looks and behaves like a conventional acid catalysed product but when sprayed, the characteristic odour and eye irritation caused by free formaldehyde is very noticeably lessened. Similarly, during the curing process, spray shops have a more pleasant and safer working environment. Even the high street end Customer will be aware of less residual odour when taking delivery of their furniture in their home   

Additionally, the new formulation has another significant benefit. Due to its un-conventional formulation the EnviroLa/c range has a much extended pot life. This makes it less wasteful after mixing up, allowing more articles to be finished from a single mix; no longer constrained by the usual reactivity of the two components. 
The EnviroLa/c range is available in clear and pigmented systems as well as associated clear basecoat and pigmented primer.  Unlike similar products on the market, it uses the same catalyst, mixing ratio and thinner for clear and pigmented systems of all colours and sheens.

As usual with the development of new ranges, Intercoat tested the material with a high degree of thoroughness. As such they rejected several variants along the way and were eventually faced with a favoured formulation which behaves well when compared to conventional A/C finishes. Initial indications are that the growing number of Customers who have tried and are using the system are highly satisfied with the drying times, spray performance and cured film. The EnviroLa/c system has been tested to and has passed BS6250 Standard. This makes it more than suitable for the finishing of most woods used in the interior furniture market, such as kitchens, bedrooms, children's furniture etc

As well as the two coat system, EnviroLa/c can also be used coat on coat, again maximizing the longer pot life.

Returning to REACH, the benefits when using the EnviroLa/c system can be summarised as follows:-

For further information, Technical and Health and Safety sheets can be requested from Intercoat Paints Ltd.


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