Technical Service

Intercoat prides itself on offering Customers the most up to date and  practical Technical Support both in the field and from its application centre in the West Midlands

In the field

Technical Service representatives can supervise or run product trials on your production lines demonstrating the use of Intercoat products and illustrating the benefits in terms of application, economy and quality. They are always available for technical advice and assistance both over the phone and by appointment.

New colour range development

Many customers when launching a new range of their products seek our advice in terms of technical achievability and aesthetics. Intercoat can offer a matching service to assist in producing your new range of products, give advice on the practical application criteria for large product runs, and provide coated panels in its laboratory to prevent disruption to your production schedules.

Bespoke training on your premises

Where new or enhanced application processes are planned within your manufacturing department our technicians can carry out on site training illustrating the correct procedures in order to achieve the best finishing results.