Specialist Wood Finishes

As well as its standard range of wood finishes Intercoat can provide specialist products via its Research & Development department. Standard colour ranges and bespoke matchings are available within the chemical parameters of the type of finish involved.

Due to the diversity of these products we advise contacting our Technical Service department or emailing us via the Contact Us page (Contact Us)

Currently popular are Teak Oil, Danish Oil, French Polishes and Crackle finishes. Additionally Intercoat can supply single colour dyes and colours for those Customers who wish to create their own formulations.

Natural Oil
An oil based treatment used as a finish for interior wood.  Its absorbent properties combine with the substrate to give a natural oil effect.

Danish Oil
Darker in colour this oil based treatment can be used as a finish for interior wood.  It absorbs into the substrate giving a natural oil effect. Relatively fast drying for this type of material at 4 -5 hours, it is also suitable for use on kitchen equipment including worktops.

French Polishes
These traditional finishes are still popular in niche applications. While they lack the durability and physical performance of more modern lacquer technology, they exhibit a lustre and appearance uniquely due to their natural ingredients.

A shellac based sealer 04004 is popular with French polishers coupled with French Polish 01063 and Button Polish 10487. 08260 solvent blend is used for thinning and cleaning.

Crackle finishes
Crackle finishes are a very specialised coating with a unique appearance. They are available it a pre-catalysed version in any colour and gloss permitted by the chemistry of the product.

Dye Solutions
Intercoat can supply both solvent based and water based dye solutions for those Customers who wish to create their own unique finishes within their production process.

Colours available are black, red, orange and yellow in sizes down to 1 litre.

Pigmented pigment bases
A wide range of pigment based colourants are again ready for Customers who wish to create their own finishes. Metallic pastes are also available.