Specialist Metal Finishes

As well as its standard range of metal finishes Intercoat can provide specialist products via its Research & Development department. Standard colour ranges and bespoke matching are available within the chemical parameters of the type of finish involved.

Currently popular are chlorinated rubber based products, hammer finishes and the range of “liquid powder” products.

13-Line : Chlorinated Rubber

Chlorinated Rubber coatings offer many advantages over synthetic enamels such as rapid drying and good resistance properties. They are also hardwearing. They are generally used where good water resistance properties are required and also as floor paints which do not require high specification resistance.

Sizes available 5, 25Lt. Request HSDS, Product data sheet here.

Hammer finishes

Distinctive in their appearance Hammer finishes offer a popular cosmetic finish adding value to the article coated. Most popular is a QAD synthetic version, but on request 2 pack and single pack stoving versions are available.

Liquid Powder

Developed and proven over many years, this range of coatings offer the properties of dry powder coatings but with wet application. Negating the need for substantial capital investment they offer a viable and practical alternative to powder coated finishes particularly for smaller production batches.