Primers for Metal

Intercoat provide a range of primers for metal finishing. Coatings systems are designed to include the compatible primer to achieve the best quality finish in terms of appearance and physical performance.

In addition to this, where pre-treatment is required for difficult substrates and often in terms of achieving full adhesion; a choice of single pack and two pack etch primer systems are within the product range.

21 – Line single Pack Etch Primers

This range is available in a choice of standard colours black, red oxide, grey, beige, and white.

Sizes available 5, 25Lt. Request HSDS, Product data sheet here.

22 - Line 2 pack Etch Primer system

This system consists of a base and catalyst which require mixing before use.  22 line two pack etch primer is designed for the pre-treatment of difficult substrates where conventional paints may show poor adhesion. Also improves corrosion protection.

Sizes available 5, 25Lt. Request HSDS, Product data sheet here.