Polyurethane Metal Finishes

Polyurethane based technology offers enhanced chemical and physical characteristics when compared to single pack equivalents. Intercoat has developed acrylic base formulations based on traditional curing mechanisms

These products can be produced to standard colour card shades, BS4800, RAL. BC381C as well as bespoke colour matchings formulated to Customer samples if required.  

On site spectrophotometers are used to formulate enamels from either wet or applied Customer samples and then the required quantity can be produced in line with your order as a single batch. This production method ensures 100% consistency between cans packed.

37 Line – Acrylic 2 pack Polyurethane Enamels

A range of 2-pack materials developed to give excellent colour and gloss retention along with fast drying characteristics. It is catalysed at a ratio of 5:1 with reactor by volume.

Sizes available 5, 25Lt. Request HSDS, Product data sheet here.


Although primers are generally not necessary for this system, if the substrate preparation is problematic, an epoxy based product or specially designed polyurethane primer have also been developed.

Sizes available 5, 25Lt. Request HSDS, Product data sheet here.